Remember the 50-year-old woman who stood in the rains for 7 hours to inform commuters about an open manhole? 

Her name is Kanta Murti Kalan and she sells flowers for a living. She has eight children, out of which only two daughters live with her, the remaining have moved away. Her husband, who was left paralysed after a train accident 15 years ago doesn't live with her either.     

Due to her meagre daily income, Kanta had been living inside a tent with her two daughters which was made on the footpath outside Matunga station, Mumbai since decades.    

Source: ANI

However, after her courageous act of standing for hours in the rain, she lost her tent and all her belongings due to the floods, including ₹10,000. 

She was saving ₹10,000 to help her daughters attend online classes. Her daughters, Janaki, who is in Class 8th and Tamilshree, who is in Class 10th had to attend online classes due to the pandemic and now it will be difficult for them to do so since the floods have scrapped off Kalan's entire savings.   

Source: Raju Shinde for Mumbai Mirror

Despite having nothing and losing more, Kanta chose humanity above all. She didn't only struggle during the floods but also developed a fever and earned the ire of BMC officials just so that she could help others.  

If you wish to support Kanta and help her daughters, you can contribute here.