When it comes to jobs, stereotypes against women are as old as time. “She is fragile, she is weak, she has things to do at home.” We’ve all heard these blatantly sexist statements at least once in our life. 

But there is one woman who is fighting this and a lot more – meet Kashish Sharma, an Inspection Engineer for an Indian Railways project.

While her parents wanted her to land a software job, 23-year-old Kashish knew that this is the road she wanted to take. 

Despite all odds, after landing where she is, her current job is seen as a ‘desk job’. She has fought barriers at every age and her smile is proof that is finally where she wants to be.

My fear and paranoia of failing because of absolutely no interest in coding, left me with only one option, Electronics & Telecommunications, since mechanical and civil were ruled out way before because “kaha jaoge site pe dhoop mein”. But luckily, here I am, still at site, where I always dreamt since childhood, even though I took what is called as a ‘Desk job’ branch.

-Kashish Sharma

Her Instagram is all about breaking the stereotypes by working a railway job, and being a ‘desi’ Bob the builder as she calls herself. 

From staying safe at her workplace to doing the heavy lifting, Kashish acknowledges it all with her Instagram account. 

Not to mention her informative videos about the different machinery she works with. She isn’t a superhero, just a woman who is great at her job! 

Kashish’s fight against the stereotypes is giving us major goals!