As the ongoing protests continue against the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC), one of the most empowering things is to see the demonstration by women in these protests all across the country. 

The Hindu

From young girls to elderly women, all of them have been speaking up fearlessly against the act and the violence used against peaceful protesters. Here are some instances that showed women were a force to reckon with in this crucial moment in history.  

1. During the Jamia Milia protests against the CAA,  Ayesha Renna & Ladeeda Farzana sheilded their fellow protester who was dragged out of a house by the police. The video went viral instantly and they became the brave face of the protests. 


2. A video of a law student of Jamia surfaced across the internet. She broke down and addressed the injustices toward Jamia students.

She also spoke out for her fellow students who were dragged out of the library and beaten up by the police. 


3. An elderly woman named Azra Apa protested against CAA in Delhi in her wheelchair. The woman is an alumnus of Jamia Milia and the head of the Hindi Department. 

4. In Bengaluru, women formed a circle around men to protect them from police brutality which has become a common feature in these protests. According to the law, women cannot be arrested after sunset and before sunrise. 

India Times

5. Over 2,000 women protested against CAA in Shaheen Bagh in Delhi’s biting cold. They were not only leading the protests but also prepared food and fed their fellow protesters. 

Women continue to be in the forefront of these massive protests, proving this vote bank ain’t having anymore bullshit.