If you’ve been meaning to take up a sport or devote time to a passion project but have inhibitions about whether you’re the right fit for it, then maybe Oorbee Roy can inspire you to nose-dive into it. 


46-year-old Oorbee Roy, a Toronto based designer is breaking down toxic stereotypes about ageism and the kind of sports and activities women ‘can’ do by uploading zealous videos of her skateboarding. 


Reportedly, Oorbee began uploading her skating videos amidst the pandemic, in order to spread a bit of positivity during the difficult circumstances. She started uploading videos on TikTok and within a span of a few months, her account gained 30 K followers. Though, the skater has admitted that she was trolled a lot in the beginning. People commented on her age, her skin colour, and called her an aunty for doing what she was doing in her forties. 

But, none of this stopped her from continuing! She, her husband and her kids have been recording their skating journeys and uploading them on Instagram for three years. You can watch the video that went viral and made her the cool influence she is today below. 

And here are some IG uploads of her being the skating whizz she is!

How cool is too cool? Apparently, there is no such thing as that!