While advertisements sell some really interesting ideas along with their products, there are times when you wished they were the last things you came across. The same thing happened when Melorra, a jewellery brand that wants you to rethink your notion of jewellery, rose to join the bandwagon!

The ad kickstarts with a very simple question. Is jewellery relevant to women these days?

Some revealed they do not need jewellery to express themselves any better, nor do not judge people based on it, nor, it does not make a huge impact anyway. To each their own. 

At least they had us at hello. 

But after that, the ad landed a stroke of genius – they carried out a little experiment.

And that’s when they completely lost us.

Here’s what they did. 

They gathered sets of twins – and decked one of the twins up with jewellery and the other one without. And then, they got the same people they interviewed earlier to answer questions based on how the twins looked.

Which one of you do you think keeps her wardrobe up-to-date?

Answer: The one with jewellery.

Why? Because people who wear jewellery are better organised. Duh-uh. I need a necklace to make my bed every day.

Which of the two was in a rush to get to work this morning?

Answer: The one without jewellery.

Why? Because people who wear jewellery are punctual and sorted, by default. 

Which of these twins would make a better entrance at a meeting?

Answer: The one with jewellery.

Why? Because, no jewellery, no swag! Because, people like me who spend all their salary on food and will never buy jewellery and can never make a kickass entrance at a meeting! *head is turning, head is spinning*

Which of the twins do you think will stand out at a dinner party?

Answer: The one with jewellery.

Why? Because looking presentable and beautiful has EVERYTHING to do with jewellery! 

Which twin thinks jewellery is meant only for weddings?

Answer: The one without jewellery.

Why? Because their brain reflects on their jewellery. Can’t you see?

And then, successfully, the ad made the women ‘rethink’ their idea about jewellery. In a moment of ‘enlightenment’, everything changed! And how.

“Jewellery can actually make you look really pretty and beautiful.”


“It adds a certain charm. It makes you, you.”

Certain charm is a special kind of charm, peeps.


Watch the ad here:



Like every artist has an inspiration (read: source), they had one too! Take a look at it.

Source: markadiction


Okay, wear jewellery if you feel like it. Don’t wear it, if you don’t. Let it define you if you want it to. Don’t let it define you if you don’t.

Have some chill. Sell your jewellery, not your bullshit.