Men have egoes. And it’s not like other genders don’t have them but my god, cishet men carry that crap like their lives depend on it. Unfortunately, a lot of times, the same ego makes them do things that endanger their lives. In this list below, you will find examples of few such men. 

1. A mugger go his face smashed in by Polyana Viana after he tried to steal from her. 

ABC News

2. On June 8, 1975, Jackie Tonawanda Knocks Out Larry Rodania at the Madison Square Garden in New York, after becoming the first woman to fight at the legendary arena. 


3. In 1973, pros Billy Jean King and Bobby Riggs faced off in a tennis game that became known as “The Battle of the Sexes.” The match was viewed by millions after Riggs kept making fun of Women’s Tennis. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for him as he had thought. 


4. Jackie Mitchell was only 17 years old when she struck out both Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig just days after Ruth had complained about women in Baseball. 


5. Carissa Moore has won several women’s competitions but in 2007, she proved to everyone that she was good as her male counterparts when she won the Quicksilver King of the Groms event against male competitors


6. Payal Patel (name changed) is a doctor associated with paramilitary forces, was on her routine walk when a man molested her. So she beat him up and then dragged her to the police station. 


7. Internet personality Kristopher Zylinski’s theory that 99% of women are “too weak” to fight 99% of men, tapped out in under 6 minutes to MMA grappler Tara LaRosa

8. How could any of these lists ever be complete without someone wiping the floor with Piers Morgan’s bloated face? This time, it was Arina Grande, who came for him after he slut-shamed her. 

9. It started as a prank when Muay Thai champion Germaine Yeap went to a gym to have some fun with the new trainers. But when things started to get a little condescending, she descended upon them with all her might. 

10. This woman was in an elevator when she was assaulted. Well, as soon as that happened, she turned around and just clobbered the a**hole behind her.

We men will just never learn. At this point, we should just get kicked in the head voluntarily.