We men have a lot of audacity. Maybe it is the way we grow up and the way we are conditioned to always get what we want but we are a very entitled bunch. Fortunately for the rest of humanity, women exist. 

1. Sania Mirza has been one of the most trolled women on social media, plainly and simply due to her marriage to Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik. 

Unfortunately for trolls though, Mirza is a bit of a savage herself and often finds herself educating lesser mortals on social media. 

2. This poor man tried to be a misogynist A-hole on a Facebook post by Kavita Krishnan…

… only to get ratioed a few minutes later. 


3. This man went around talking shit about how most men would physically beat most women, doesn’t matter how trained they are. 

Little did he know that this would be taken rather personally by MMA fighter Tara LaRosa, a bantamweight with a record of 22-5 in MMA, winning three fights by knockout and a further 12 by submission. What happened next was pretty obvious, as you will see when you watch the 11-minute mark to the 13-minute mark. LaRosa finishes him off with an armbar and a very quick submission in a very one-sided affair. 

4. Conservative Indian politician Swapan kept trash talking the Urdu language and those who spoke the tongue. 

Unfortunately for him, he would be met with a Twitter user, who christened him with a new nickname; a name that has since aquired permanent residency in Indian Twitter’s Hall of Fame. 

5. Back in the 2000s, when Rihanna was a little more active on Twitter, there weren’t many who wanted to go toe to toe with the icon. And those who did, she made sure they were immortalised. 

6. Yeah, even in his last moments, the dude wouldn’t have thought of that comeback. 

7. Yeah, this burn will never heal, even if you are the Wolverine. 


8. Read the whole thing. It’s worth it. 


9. I will never know why men think vaginas are weak. Like, bro, your whole dumbass popped out of one. 


10. I mean, he literally asked for it. 


11. Ishhhhh… that would have hurt more than whatever caused the warm liquid to trickle down his face. 

12. Ah, and finally, my personal favourite ratio of all time. 


13. The poor virgin just got sacrificed. 

14. The Black Widow movie we actually deserved. 


15. How I wish that was a Freudian slip!


And that concludes today’s episode of ‘Why are men?’ Stay tuned for more, I suppose.