Back in 2018, the first ripples of MeToo blew up in India, and survivors of abuse and harassment began raising their voices against sexual violence. Experiences that had been lurking in the scarred memories of the past floated up to the surface, and women openly recounted their stories of abuse, called out the perpetrators and sparked a conversation about the rape culture in our country.

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As the social movement enveloped India, sceptics of the MeToo expressed concerns about possible false allegations that could affect men’s lives. They shunned the movement for being unfair to men, conveniently steering the focus away from millions of sexual violence cases that impact women worldwide to the cause of the world’s most marginalized community, MEN.

But the story doesn’t end here. They are now releasing a ‘comedy’ movie titled ‘#MenToo’ to essentially highlight TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS of men with women speaking up. The teaser begins with a woman’s voice in the background saying stuff like, “main ladki hun, main kuch bhi kar sakti hun” and “it’s her choice.”

It’s funny how they conveniently twisted an important survivor-led International movement — for both men and women — to make the case of men and their horrors with women speaking, asking for their rights, and basically functioning independently. The teaser has a number of ridiculous, exaggerated, and unfunny scenes to paint women as illogical, greedy, and basically anti-men.

Naturally, people on Twitter are unamused. They’re calling out the ridiculousness of creating something like that. Take a look.

To the men who have this obsessive need to make the case of ‘NOT ALL MEN’ when a woman is sharing her experience, please stop making everything about yourselves. You guys are literally the most privileged species. Stop fuming all the time!