Flat stomach, no cellulite, and a jawline like it has been chiselled from stone, supposedly, these are the goals you yearn for if you want a perfect body. The media, the fashion industry and even the clothes you’ll find at the mall, give out a not-so-subtle message about body sizes that are unrealistic.

But then, some sane voices do exist. #MermaidThighs is one such counter movement welcoming body positivity with open arms. The hashtag is trending on Instagram and for all the right reasons. 

It counters body shaming, and it has models endorsing it! Strong women do build each other up.

It promotes the belief that the distance between your thighs, or the lack thereof cannot be a detrimental standard for beauty. These wonderful women are making a strong point, that beauty cannot be constrained and restricted for a chosen few. It’s everybody’s right, and therefore not something you can have a set rulebook for.

Most of the captions seem to be saying one thing, that these ladies give no two hoots about what ‘they’ say. They’re just happy being themselves, and proud. Not something we get to see every day.

Beautiful and proud in all their glory. You go, ladies! More power to you!