As I was scrolling through my Insta, I got hooked onto some very relatable illustrations and comic strips posted on Violet Clair.

From horrible dating experiences to everyday struggles, this page perfectly captures the essence of what millennial women are put through. 

Because courtesy and manners imply that I’m interested, right?

If only my ‘friendly’ Casper didn’t send me mixed signals. 

When you have to explain your good side to your dad before clicking a family picture. 

Texting my best friend when my ex ‘hearts’ my pictures. 

Ignoring all the red-flags, plucking them out and collecting them as batches of honour like: 

My relationship with all the trousers and jeans in my closet and literally anything that cover my legs. 

When boo has been working on weekends. 

Literally every person ever after they get a transformational break-up haircut. 

When everything on your date is going right but he’s into RSS. 

Literally every tourist in Delhi Haat ever. 

101 ways to ruin an amazing first date: 

Boss Lady mode activated. 


Story of my life. 

That’s the ‘love story’ I’m looking for. 

To all the mamma’s boi I’ve loved before. 

Note to self. 

Ok, shots fired. This is a personal attack. 

Amen, sistah!

Literally every millennial in India after #BanMillennials was trending on Twitter. 

That’s all folks. For more relatable posts, check out their Instagram handle.