Women who live life on their own terms, unapologetically, are a great example to look up to. Because we all know the amount of scrutiny women are generally put under. Especially with respect to their age. Age just magically happens to work differently for women. So we’re grateful for the women who defy these stereotypes. One such person is Mini Augustine. A 56-year-old biker, who has been travelling solo, covering immense distances on her 500-cc Bullet.

Born in Kerala and raised in Coimbatore, the biker recently completed an 18-day trip from Delhi to Leh. Which by the way, amounted to 2,400 km! In several interviews Augustine has mentioned how she began riding scooters quite young, and how she fell in love with the sense of independence she felt while doing so. It’s no surprise that once her husband taught her how to ride an old Royal Enfield Bullet 350, she was hooked for good. 

Of course, Augustine didn’t get to this point without judgement from her male colleagues. She recalls men stepping forward to express ‘concern’ for her health, for taking on such a physically straining activity. But, it’s heartwarming to know that while she was experiencing these obstacles, her husband stayed by her side and was a source of great support. 

The 56 Y/O says that her husband Biju Paul, constantly told her to keep going and not give up in the face of difficulty. Because of course, riding to certain locations often induce physical sicknesses and exertion. Not only this but there were times when she was the oldest in her riding groups and was judged for it. She admits that people often looked at her and didn’t expect her to even complete the rides! But of course, she did.

She’s also been a part of rides for social causes such as the Nirmal Bangal cleanliness drive and traffic awareness rides with the police. 

We’re lucky to see women like Mini Augustine push through societal expectations, stereotypes and norms, because they’re setting an example for the rest of us!