Our politicians and leaders have time and again exhibited their lack of understanding and insensitivity towards the criminal act of rape. From sexist to regressive statements and reasons, we’ve heard it all.

And this doesn’t stop. Because recently a member of the UP State Women’s Commission said that girls should not be given mobile phones as it leads to rapes.

The woman in the video Meena Kumari, was answering a reporter’s question on the alleged increase in number of rape cases in UP. It’s sad to see such remarks coming from a woman.

Her nonsensical comments have enraged people on Twitter. They are demanding her removal from the women commission.

When TOI reached out to Anju Chaudhary, Vice Chairperson of the state women commission, she said that the commission doesn’t support her statement and she was wrong. Clarifying her statement, Meena Kumari said that she was trying to say that women in village do not know how to use mobile phones properly and befriend strangers online.

All this cover up doesn’t make much sense because the harm has already been done. What I don’t understand is till when are we going to blame women for everything.