In association with Dettol

Gone are the days when our mothers would buy products without noticing all the specifications. Mothers these days are aware of the ingredients and the benefits of each and every product as they are always putting our health first. And, keeping that in mind, #TheMomMandate gave all mothers a unique opportunity to vote for the ingredients that they want in their personal care product.  

Moms being moms, did not miss a single opportunity to give their suggestions…

Thousands of mothers participated in the contest and voted for ingredients that they wanted in their personal care products. Some of the celebrity moms, who were also a part of the voting process, were given a mystery box with some personal care products and they have since tried to speculate what’s in the box.   

Celebrity moms who received the #mysterybox, took wild guesses to find out what’s in the box but in vain…   

Well, moms couldn’t take the right guess but we finally have a winner – a product created by the love of all moms, for her family.

It’s Dettol, ensuring suraksha from 100 illness-causing germs – with 0% parabens, 0% dyes and 0% talc!

Yes, you heard that right. Dettol came up with this unique initiative to come up with a product laced with the right ingredients. And who else could choose them better than our mothers? Nobody, right? Well, just like our mothers know what’s best for the family, Dettol’s new personal care range is here to ensure suraksha from 100 illness-causing germs for all of us. And, moms have to choose between lesser chemicals and protection, while choosing personal care products for her family.   

Look at how this celebrity mom is beaming with joy after unravelling the gift in the #mysterybox

Toh intezaar kis baat ka? Go get your all-new range of personal care products by Dettol and feel the mother’s magic within.