There’s no doubt that sex is thrilling. However, with time, it can become a little boring and monotonous with the same activities there may be a need to try new stuff to spice things up.

We asked women to share the most overrated sex positions that don’t excite them anymore, and they want these responses to reach people out there. Let’s take a look!

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1. “I think it would be doggy style for me. As a woman, one is always on her fours – which is painful – and she might even be pushed more than necessary. The session goes on for a longer time, if one doesn’t have enough stamina, it might result in stiffness.” -Snigdha

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2. “It would be anal because it’s messy and it goes all over the place.” -Anonymous

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3. “The most overrated one according to me is the 69 position because one can’t concentrate on two things at once. Either one can give pleasure or receive it during that position. It only looks good in porn movies and not in real life.” -Harshita Singh

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4. “Anything and absolutely everything that’s done in the bathroom. I mean, it’s slippery, stinky and just plain gross.” -Aarushi Sharma

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5. “The reverse cowgirl seems pleasurable for a man, but for a woman, it’s tough. The man is looking at your beautiful ass and you have his feet right in your face – what’s fun and/or pleasurable about that?” -Anonymous

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6. “No doubt, it’s the missionary position for me. I have bigger thighs and stomach, and I feel a little awkward to spread my legs that way in front of my partner. It’s bland and vanilla.” -Riddhima Kapoor

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7. “It’s definitely side sex – I mean, what the hell is that all about? No fulfillment and absolutely no excitement! It sucks. My husband loves it, though.” -Anonymous

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8. “All the positions that involve being picked up and placed on a surface, specifically glass. It’s terrible when a person can’t pick you up or your buttcheeks stick on surfaces. Yikes!” -Akanksha Kulshreshtha

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9. “It’s standing doggy style and I think many women would agree. It’s uncomfortable, overrated and simply awkward. I never finished it and it doesn’t right for my boyfriend either.” -Anonymous

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10. “The helicopter position – that shit is nasty.” -Anonymous

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Of course, these are women’s personal opinions, and what one doesn’t like, the other might. The note-takers should take notes, though.