The usage of cabs to travel across the city has only increased in the past few years. From going to work to getting back home after a drunk night with friends, we do it all in cabs. While cabs have definitely become the new idea of public transport, this increase in cab users has also given way to more crime. Time and again, we hear about cab drivers raping women passengers and as a woman, whenever I take a cab, there is always the question of what could go wrong that goes around in my head.


Moreover, according to Mirror Now’s editor-in-chief, Faye D’Souza, data indicates that most rapes that happen in cabs are the ones where the cars have a child lock. The child lock gives immense power to the driver who can make sure you can’t open the doors or windows, thereby trapping the passenger.

While that is an extremely scary prospect, there is a tiny button at the side of the passenger door which you should check every time you sit in a cab. If it is locked, unlock it immediately. In fact, if you find it locked, it would be ideal to just cancel the cab and take another one. 

In the following video, Faye D’Souza explains how to be vigilant and the exact process to check the child lock:

We really wish women didn’t have to do it but till the world becomes slightly more safer, let’s all be extremely vigilant.