Remember the night you were out after curfew and didn't even receive your mother's call? Yes, this, along with all of your other antics, is to blame for her headaches, stress-induced hair loss, and high blood pressure.

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You can't really make up for all the stress you've given to your mother but pampering her on 'her' day is the least you can do. 

This mother's day, we have brought to you a list of useful and practical products to surprise your mom, in case the only surprise you could think of was an Instagram post.

1. MUJI aroma stone

Aromatherapy will work best while she tries to meditate and achieve a state of nirvana. With just a few droplets on the top, it will magically disperse and fill the space.
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MUJI aroma stone
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2. Anti Aging Skin Care Value Set

Pay a glowing tribute to your mother this Mother's Day with Derma Essentia's Anti-Aging Skin Care Value Set. This skincare set protects against sun damage, eliminates fine lines and wrinkles, and is a must-have for your mother's glowing skin!
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Anti Aging Skin Care Value Set
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3. A swanky masala box 

Your mom is actually sick of those tin boxes by now. This one made of Sheesham wood is a substitute for the old masala dabba. It's both useful and fashionable.
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4. Trichoedgé Hair Serum

You can barely give back for all those champi sessions your mom gave you but you can try at least. Gift her this hair serum which will rejuvenate and nourish her scalp. It also helps in the control of thinning hair and hair loss that occurs as people age. 
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Trichoedgé Hair Serum
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5. Chanderi saree - Pujo with Butterscotch Yellow

The concept behind these designs is to reconnect people with their roots. Their chanderi sarees, exquisite kaftans, and block-printed stoles will make fantastic gifts for your gorgeous mom!
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Chanderi saree - Pujo with Butterscotch Yellow
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6. Hair care oil and wooden comb

These are 100% mother-crafted health and beauty solutions from Mother Nature. What better present for your mom? 
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Hair care oil and wooden comb
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7. Visual Echoes Sleeping Eye Mask 

You can't really guarantee your mum an uninterrupted sleep but a cooling sleeping eye mask can ease her night and day naps. It comes with a gel insert that you just freeze before inserting into the eye mask.
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Visual Echoes Sleeping Eye Mask
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8. Carat Crush's Blue Evil Eye Bracelet 

Carat Crush's range of classic and authentic jewellery pieces is worth every penny. Choose to gift your mum this evil eye bracelet, 'cos she's been safeguarding you from nazar all your life. 
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Carat Crush's Blue Evil Eye Bracelet
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9. PILGRIM 24K Gold Facial Kit

Gift your mother a token of self-care and affection this Mother's Day. The 24K Gold Facial Kit is designed to moisturise, tighten, and nourish skin. Add this to your list, and treat your mother to a detailed self-care break because everyone needs a break.

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PILGRIM 24K Gold Facial Kit
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