No country for women? After a video surfaced showing how a woman was thrashed by her molester after she called him out, another incident of a woman being groped and assaulted in Kozhikode, Kerala has been reported.

In the video, the man is seen walking ahead of the woman in a narrow alley in Kozhikode. The shocking part about the video is how it took place in broad daylight, as the alleged perpetrator walked a few steps ahead of his victim in a secluded street in Kozhikode. 

As both of them reached the end of the street, the man allegedly tried to grope and assault the woman, who fought back, only to scare him off. 

According to reports, following the online outrage, the police have registered a case and the man has been arrested.

It’s only admirable that the victim chose to report the case and not brush it off as ‘normal behaviour’. When more such cases will be reported, it will instill fear in the minds of these perpetrators.

H/T: CNN News18