In yet another incident of religious fanaticism, a 22-year-old Muslim singer was slammed online for singing Hindu devotional songs in a Kannada TV reality show. Suhana Sayed, a resident of Shimoga district in Karnataka had taken part in a singing show for which she received standing ovation from the judges for her performance. The judges also called her a symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity, reports Times Now.

However, not many were impressed. A Facebook page named Mangalore Muslim attacked her for tarnishing the image of Muslim community by singing a Hindu song. The post which was written in Kannada has been removed now. 

But here is the translation as per a report by News18

 “Suhana you have tarnished the Muslim Community by singing in front of men. Do not feel that you have achieved a great feat; people who learn to recite Quran in 6 months have achieved more. Your parents have encouraged you to show your beauty to other men, they will not go to heaven because of you. Please give up the pardah that you are wearing as you don’t respect it.”

However, many came out in support of Sayeed and defended her on the post. According to a report by Deccan Chronicle, supporters of Sayeed are thinking of filing a case against the harassers for threatening a woman.

(Feature image source: Twitter| India News Club)