The Indian government has been advocating use of condom and other contraceptives for decades now and it seems their efforts have paid off, at least a little.

A survey (2015-2016) conducted by the Ministry of Health revealed that things are looking up.

According to TOI, of those surveyed, 99% of married women and men know at least one contraceptive method.

More single women (15-49 years) are using condoms. The use has gone up to 12% from just 2% (2005-2006). Maximum use was reported among women between ages 20 and 24.

Two-thirds of married women (15-49 years) are demanding family planning methods.

While it’s great news that women are opting for safer sex, the survey also had some sad revelations about men’s idea of women using contraception.

Of the number of men surveyed, 20% believed that women who uses contraception may become promiscuous.

Three in eight men surveyed also believed that they should not have to worry about contraception, as it was a “woman’s business”.

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