Female orgasm has been called a 'myth', 'complicated' and what not. But, one thing's for sure, that the very idea of female orgasm, as we know it, is comprised of a lot of myths. So, a documentary decided to puncture a few of them.

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An American documentary television series, Explained, in its episode 'The Female Orgasm' attempts to debunk common myths and to counter mainstream ideas around female masturbation.

The episode utilises multiple stats to show how female orgasm is a rare occurrence in heterosexual setups.

This basically proves how our entire concept of sex is based on male pleasure and orgasm, so what if the woman didn't orgasm?

The show traces the hush-hush narrative around female orgasm in history. Sigmund Freud, known as the founder of psychoanalysis, linked clitoral orgasms to hysteria and neurosis. This association essentially vilified the very idea of clitoral stimulation.

The show also debunks the myth of clitoral orgasm versus vaginal orgasm, claiming that all the orgasms are clitoral orgasms.

It is important to note that very few women (only 18%) experience orgasms from penetrative sex.

Hence, the normative definition of sex is limited in its approach and marginalises female pleasure.

About 16-21% of women have only rarely or never experienced orgasm at all.

Coming to masturbation, the gawking difference in numbers is also apparent here-

The episode also reveals the probable reason behind high numbers of female orgasms in homosexual relationships. 

Where heterosexual relationships are normative; homosexual ones, on the other hand, have to find out what works for them - as there are no rules that define or dictate their performances.

So, the point being, normativity and historical demonisation of female orgasm have basically fucked us up. 

The result of all this is the lack of awareness around female pleasure because information (or rather the lack of it) gets filled in by myths. 

So watch this episode here on Netflix. And, go, explore and understand your body, woman. 

Images are Netflix screenshots.