Women with split ends in their hair, I am talking to you. I wanted you to know that I understand how you feel about your hair not growing fast enough. I understand how much you hate to step into a hair salon to lose a little part of those precious tresses every 6-8 weeks that just don’t seem to grow without those ridiculous split ends and you end up sacrificing the hard earned length. The struggle is, indeed, real AF. 


But hear me out when I say that there is now a better solution for this. Brace yourself, for you are about to be blown away. 

Hair dusting. 

This is a technique that is now being offered in many beauty salons that ‘blunt off the split ends that have traveled up further than the ends of the hair, helping it to stop splitting further and making the hair sit flatter and shinier.’

In the process, it helps the hair to grow and keeps them looking sleeker, just like a trim.

However, this technique poses a serious challenge in mastering it and can be very time-consuming. Hence, stylists don’t always offer it until and unless the customer asks for it.

If you’re wondering if you could try the technique at home, well, yes if you have very sharp hairdressing scissors and experience to perform it on anyone’s hair, even your own. A simple trick,  as told by hairdressers around the world, is to use your fingers to wrap the hair around and chop off any split ends the stick out while you slowly run your fingers down the hair. Make sure your hair is straight before you start. 


If your split ends are out of hand, it is advised to first trim your hair and then try the dusting technique.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Go, give it a shot and let us know what you think about it.