Women are hardly taken seriously, we can deny it all we want but it’s the truth. And the sad part is, that this behavior is so normalized that we hardly take notice. This of course means that women are also denied the power and responsibilities, that they’re capable (even eligible) of. However, it’s a deeper problem than that – because, apparently even proving oneself doesn’t come with the territory if you’re a woman.

During a joint press conference with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Finnish PM Sanna Marin, a reporter asked if the two ‘get along’ because of their “similar age and common stuff”. She replied with the best possible answer asking him if he’d ask the same thing from Barack Obama and John Key. While at it, Jacinda Ardern also pointed the fact that there are more men in politics, and just because two women meet doesn’t mean it’s because of their gender. Gave it back, and how.

Jacinda Ardern

Since the reporter had asked if they’re working together because, well, they’re women, the New Zealand PM continued by explaining the export and import ties between NZ and Finland. Saana Marin added that they’re meeting today because they are Prime Ministers, and they have a business delegation with them. Of course, the reporter got a lot more information to process than he was expecting. But then again, he clearly didn’t expect much.

New Zealand

It’s diabolical that these stereotypes keep contradicting each other. At times, they say that women cannot work together (they fight), at other times they keep telling us that women only work with other women. Pick a lane, people!

Twitter clearly loved Jacinda Ardern’s response.

There are incredible women in power, and there will be more – people just need to digest this fact for now.