Noor Jaleela is a 17-year-old artist who plays the violin, paints, sings and is a motivational speaker. 

Noor Jaleela

Looking at her exceptional bundle of talents, you’ll almost not notice that she has a deformity. She doesn’t have limbs below her knees and elbows.   

But that has never come in the teenager’s way of pursuing her dreams and hobbies.

According to reports, her family discovered her hidden talents accidentally when Jaleela mistook her sister’s record book for a colouring book. 

After witnessing her talents, her parents got her art supplies and she has been painting since then. Some of her paintings were also showcased in art exhibitions. 

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When she was in class VII, she picked up how to play the violin. She’d play it like a cello by holding it downwards and would tie a hairband to the bow to ensure the grip. 

With a dream to visit NASA and to climb Mount Everest, she is soaring high in the sky. Recently, she shared the stage with KS Chitra– one of Kerala’s most renowned playback singers.


The 17-year-old is working for an NGO— Dream With Us, that’s working for the welfare of children with disability. 

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Jaleela owes it all to her family who has been her support system throughout. According to her, they accepted her with open arms when the doctors were hestotant to break the news to them. 

India Times