If you are a woman, you’d know what it feels like to face unwanted sexual advances, stares, comments, etc., just walking down the street or sitting in your office.

The problem is serious because these reactions make women feel uncomfortable even when they are doing nothing but regular things like eating, stretching, etc. Basically, women feel uncomfortable because society makes them feel so. Here’s a few of those.

1. “Bending down to get something. I once had to bend down to pick up some change that fell from my wallet, a moron came behind my back imitating he was riding me, he was with a bunch of other guys, and they were all very entertained by it, and one of them took an empty bag of chips and put it inside my top. I was in middle school. I can’t really bend down anymore when I’m surrounded with men.” – Reddit user

2. “Eating, especially things like bananas.” – Reddit user


3. “Just walking pass a group of men and feeling their stare behind me.” – Reddit user

4. “Scratching or adjusting my boobs.” – Reddit user

5. “Taking off my jacket, even when it’s getting way too warm and I’m starting to sweat. I always fear that one of the people nearby will mistake it as me doing it specifically to show off my body.” – Reddit user

6. “Being friendly and bubbly always gets misconstrued as flirting.” – Reddit user


7. “Buying cucumbers.” – Reddit user

8. “Running or even just walking briskly.” – Reddit user


9.”Changing hairstyle into an ponytail or when when you take it down and you shake your hair.” – Reddit user

10. “Anything which makes any part of me jiggle. Bending at the waist. Sweating.” – Reddit user


11. “Wearing a dark bra under a light top.” – Reddit user

12. “Wearing jeans or pants that are tight fitting. I won’t go out in them unless I have a sweater long enough to cover my bum!” – Reddit user


13. “Taking off a hoodie, I’ve had men literally stare at me hoping my shirt will come up with it.” – Reddit user

14. “Adjusting my legs when I’m sitting, particularly when I’m in a dress.” Reddit user


15. “Pulling my pants up or trying to adjust my pad when I have my period. It feels so awkward for me and I’m jealous of men that can just adjust their balls in public and not give a shit.” – Reddit user

16. “Going up a ladder.” – Reddit user

17. “Jumping up and down in place because it makes me aware of my chest.” – Reddit user

18. “Falling asleep on the train or bus. I absolutely love it, but I always have to do it with one eye or ear open.” – Reddit user


19. “Eating an ice cream cone. I remember in high school, I was eating some ice cream, and my male friends were making gross, sexualized comments about it.” – Reddit user

20. “Reaching for something on a high shelf.” – Reddit user


Relatable much?