Rape culture is not just another term coined by second-wave feminists. It’s a term that seeks to question the societal attitude towards gender and sexuality. It’s a term which wants to draw a definite distinction between what’s considered appropriate and what’s not. A joke about rape definitely falls under the ‘not appropriate’ category. And it’s high time some brands take cue and change the offensive trend they seem to have set about.

After the alleged Forever 21 rape friendly tee, this clothing line still does not seem to take note of what’s wrong.

@feminist_tinder took to Twitter to talk about what’s wrong with this peculiar sense of fashion and why it needs to be done away with.

Is there something that needs to be done away with, in this T-shirt? Yes, all of it!

Feministontinder’s tweet led to a conversation which needs to be talked about more often as to why it is never okay to promote rape culture, not even jokingly, or ‘to lighten up.’ 

These guys also seem to have figured out a perfect way to use this kind of trash.

What are we promoting in the name of fashion?