Customs are often said to be pillars of society. IDK, who exactly says that but I am pretty sure they do. Anyhow, most of these customs are outdated rules and regulations that are generally patriarchal in nature and branch into misogyny, homophobia and more patriarchy among other things. 

1. Dress codes make no sense to begin with. 

2. Why wouldn’t you let kids pee? That’s just abuse. 

3. Normalise expressing emotions. 

4. If your uncle keeps staring down your top, then he needs to be thrown out of the house. 

5. Just admit your mistakes. It’s not that difficult. 

6. Yeah, this is one bizarre concept I’ll never understand. 

7. We are trash people living in a trash society. 

8. You ain’t gotta respect anyone who hasn’t earned it. 

9. Yeah, it’s not the sympathetic shoulder you think it is. 

10. It should have been stopped yesterday. 

11. Admit your mistakes. Let your kid see it. 

12. Most old people are stupid AF and still think they live in the 60s. 

13. Abstinence education simply doesn’t work. Teenagers will have sex. So it’s better to tell them how to be safe. 

14. We need to grow up as a society. 

15. We do need to keep it in our pants.