From the flawless dress to the picture-perfect location, brides want everything to be perfect on their special day. However, in order to get the best results, the bride needs to be calm and supportive. Unfortunately, not all brides are cooperative and wholesome.

Here are some demands by brides that will make you redefine demanding. Ready? Brace yourself.

1. “It was an outdoor wedding with pouring rain and wind. But, the happy couple requested no umbrellas so that they would be able to see the faces in the crowd. They were able to see the very wet and angry faces of people whose clothes were ruined, while the bride and groom stayed dry under the gazebo.”

2. “My girlfriend was a bridesmaid and the bride wanted one of those pics where the bridesmaids lift their dresses to show their asses and the bride pretends to act all shocked. None of the girls were really down for it, including my girlfriend, as the dress was really tight and she was wearing a thong. Not to mention, the groomsmen and their family members were around. The bride got really upset because she saw the same kind of picture on Pinterest a few days earlier and wanted to replicate it.”

3. “Maid of honour for my sister’s wedding asked me if I could sleep with her husband’s best man. In her words, “Jake’s saying he won’t go unless there is a guarantee lay for him. I know you are single and everything.” I thought it was a joke at first. It wasn’t. I, of course, said no. Surprise, Jake still showed up as best man without the promised booty.”

4. “She needed proof that everyone is on birth control to guarantee that no one gets pregnant before the wedding.”

5. “I was a size 8 at the time and the bride called me the “fat” bridesmaid. She wanted all her bridesmaids to be “skinny.” I laughed in her face and figured that if my fat ass was the thing that was going to ruin her wedding, then I was determined to keep myself in cheeseburgers and milkshakes to spite her.”

6. “A high school friend said, she didn’t want us to buy presents, but wanted us to help with various wedding things. And, she wanted me to handle the whole dinner, as in cooking for 200 people. She also wanted me to help pay for the food I would be making, as their gift. She wanted me to cook enough food for 200 people, by myself, and pay for about half of it. I was learning how to be a ‘pastry’ chef. I explained to her the same thing and she just stared at me blankly. I told her that I could bake the cake easily enough, but she insisted she wanted a ‘real’ cake, from a bakery. I told her there wasn’t any feasible way I could do it, not only because that’s fucking crazy, but because I literally wasn’t trained to do it, and I got disinvited from the wedding. They apparently served bagged salad, boxed potatoes and fried chicken from Walmart.”

7. “The couple asked me to buy pants worth 500 dollars. After I refused, the bride freaked out because it made their wedding party uneven. The groom bought my pants, I wore them once and they divorced. He seems a lot happier with his new wife.”

8. “The bride wanted her bridesmaids to dye their hair in a matching colour. She wanted to choose her maid of honour through a Triwizard tournament, where drowning was a possibility. She wanted them to carve their own magic wands and change seven outfits to represent seven years at Hogwarts. She also wanted them to entertain her guests during cocktail hour by playing a game of Quidditch, in their dresses, which they can’t get dirty. She wanted them to arrive as a house-elf when they pick their dresses up and say, “Dobby has been freed” when the shop assistant hands it over. She wanted them to wear time-turned-themed jewellery. All this had to be filmed and sent to the bride. She wanted them to travel with trunks and exclusively by train to her wedding. They also had to perform the Halloween choral song from the first movie during the speeches. Instead of children, they were allowed to bring one owl, cat or toad.

9. “I’m blonde and my best friend (the bride) asked me to dye my hair from blonde to brown because all her other bridesmaids had brown hair. She wanted to be the only one with blonde hair.”

10. “My friend (the bride) asked me to plan a bachelorette party for her, but didn’t tell me anything about what she was interested in doing. She just said, ‘nothing too wild, but definitely cost-effective’. When I told her about my plan, she told me that I was a terrible friend and that was the worst bachelorette plan she had ever heard. Then, I was replaced as a bridesmaid. I did not attend the wedding and do not speak to her anymore.”

11. “I was a bridesmaid and my SO was a groomsman. We were banned from looking at, speaking to or dancing with each other for fear of ‘out-cutting’ the happy couple. We were together for 5 years at this point. We didn’t do it, but the request alone was outrageous.”

12. “The bride wanted all her bridesmaids to look like Disney princesses. It was all fine until she asked one of them, who was part Native American, to be styled as Pocahontas.”