In association with Pantene

We’ve all been brought up with the ideology that freedom is our birthright. We are told that ‘Freedom’ is the right to act, speak or think as one chooses. However, when it comes to girls, our society doesn’t extend the same kind of freedom.

As girls, we are constantly pulled between what we want to do and what traditions dictate. These traditions can get very prescriptive on aspects like what we should wear, study, whom to marry and so on. Right from school and sometimes even after that, our lives are regimented by our elders. In fact, while in school we aren’t even allowed to choose what to do with our hair and are forced to have it braided.

For most girls going to college brings a newfound meaning of freedom, as they finally start living life on their own terms

I remember how I got my first taste of freedom after joining college – I chose my favourite course, I started pursuing my interests and I FINALLY could leave my hair open as I like it! But TBH, there are still a few things I could use some help with.

Thankfully, Pantene heard us and came up with their latest film called #FreedomHair to inspire girls to do their own thing and write their own stories!

Open hair is much more than a hairstyle, it is a feeling that women wear, a feeling of freedom and endless possibilities. It is like a superhero’s cape. Pantene spent the last 18 months listening to these young girls from across the country and tried to understand how these young girls might not have all the answers but are willing to make their own path and decide what their story will be. Through this film, they’re asking girls to free their hair as well as themselves and do what they want to do. Oh, and you know what? The anthem in the film has been written by the famous lyricist and poet Javed Akhtar and has music to the tune of Pharrell Williams’ famous ‘Freedom’ song.

Yep, you read that right! Honestly, the music, the vibe and the visuals – everything in this film is totally dope and you definitely need to check it out! 

Also, it features Dutee Chand, Ishita Malaviya and other women whose unconventional success stories have set major goals for us. Now, I’ll save you the trouble and embed the film here, you can thank me later!

But there’s more to this than just the film, Pantene is actually helping real girls write their own stories.

Oh, and you’ll be glad to know that Pantene is also partnering with Sattva, a mission-driven organisation that creates scalable solutions for social impact. This partnership will help young girls across India to embrace the power of #FreedomHair & become the narrators of their own story through workshops & internships across diverse careers and passion areas. Isn’t that cool?

Ab tumhe duniya dekhni hai ya is duniya ko dikhana hai. Think about it, it’s your call!