One in five women across India suffer from PCOS – the hormonal imbalance that has made many a girl ugly cry in her pyjamas over losing her period. Yet there is an ignorance surrounding the condition and an overflow of bullshit advice. 

While it’s not fun to have your femininity stripped away, what’s more appalling is the lack of conversation around the topic. For decades, women have learned to deal with the gynaecological condition on their own. It’s high time we spark a conversation around the never-ending battle that slowly chips away on our body along with our self esteem. 

Here are 5 struggles every PCOS survivor can relate to:

1. Endless Body Hair:

From your chin to your toe, there are random and unnecessary hair follicles crawling out of every inch of your body. However, hair is scare on the very spot you need it the most, your head. Daily shaving is extreme pain, so we suggest you own it!

2. Mood Swings:

Sudden hormonal fluctuations can often lead to hysteric outbursts of emotion that society is quick to dismiss as acting “crazy”. Not to mention one of the top cures to the condition is birth control, widely known to instigate depressive episodes in women. So the next time you see a friend going through a tough time, shower her with empathy!

3. Weight Gain

The unexpected weight gain is by far the worst part of PCOS – and with that comes the overwhelming burden to lose the weight. What people fail to understand is how difficult it is when your body is fighting against you. 

4. Unsolicited Advice

While there is no fixed cure to the condition, the world is not short of pseudo-experts who can vouch for their Ayurvedic diets and magic potions over actual medical advice. 

5. The Elephant In The Room – Your Period

Your body and your period have a love hate relationship. While getting your period is pain enough, the loss of it is even worse.