Kerala MLA PC George made a statement calling a nun, who had accused Jalandhar Bishop James Franco Mulakkal of rape, a prostitute. A severely derogatory & misogynistic comment by PC George provoked outrage among the masses.

In retaliation, a campaign with the hashtag #Vaayamoodalcampaign which means “shut your mouth” in Malayalam has been initiated. People, who are furious & fed up with his comments, are sending and inviting others to send the MLA duct tape rolls.

“Inviting everyone to join #Vaayamoodalcampaign#PC_George an MLA from Kerala has been making deplorable statements against women for years now and has got away with it every single time. Send him a tape and ask him to shut the Yeff Up!”

In a media interaction, George made a statement, deplorably questioning the integrity of the nun’s accusation.

“Is there any doubt that the nun is a prostitute? Twelve times it was pleasure, 13th time it became a rape? Where was she when it happened 12 times? Whom is she telling this to? Why did she not complain on the first time it happened?… Let the three sisters be examined. Let us see if they are holy.”

His statement was met with extreme outrage from people and the National Commission for Women (NCW). The NCW Chief Rekha Sharma, said, “I am ashamed of such lawmakers who are giving these statements instead of helping women.”

This is not the first time the MLA has ventured to make such slanderous statements against women including an actress who was abducted and harassed in a moving vehicle.

A few days ago, the MLA withdrew his statement claiming that he got “emotional” dealing with the issue. He however, offered no apology on his part.

Here’s to all the people who’ve raised their voices against the MLA’s misogyny, and the ingenious yet poignant initiative of a critique, on their part.