Over the past two-three months, I’ve realised that my menstrual cycle which is otherwise regular had taken a 360-degree flip only to become super irregular and imbalanced with a scantier flow.


And honestly, it was a little shocking because I was living a healthier life, cooking everything at home instead of ordering out. Not to mention, I was more active, considering the household chores and WFH. So my disrupted period cycle didn’t seem to make sense, at first. 


Then, I looked up my symptoms and turns out, I’m not the only one stuck in this period turmoil. According to various reports, during the lockdown, women have been experiencing a difference in their menstrual cycle in terms of cramps, regularity, duration and flow. 


Dr, Anita Mitra, a gynecologist working with the National Health Service in the U.K, conducted a poll of 5,677 women which revealed that 65% of the responders have been experiencing lockdown-disrupted menstrual cycles. 

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According to Practo in India, every one out of three women on the digital portal have booked an online consult with a gynecologist during the lockdown. OB-GYN  Dr. Anubha Singh further reveals: 

Many patients have informed us over phone that their periods have become irregular and after talking to them it was found that they are feeling very stressed. Stress problems in women have increased due to the epidemic. 

Even though, to be honest, the year 2020 along with the lockdown induced anxiety is constantly stressing me out, but I didn’t think it would be affecting my period cycle as much as it is. Honestly, I didn’t realise that my mental health could contribute to a disrupted hormonal imbalance. 

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We all have been through class 12th boards to know that our menstrual cycle can heavily get affected by stress. Dr. Sarah Toler from L.A tells Cosmopolitan  the biological explanation of the correlation:  

Excess release of cortisol (the stress hormone) can suppress normal levels of reproductive hormones, potentially leading to abnormal ovulation, which can disrupt your cycle. 

In fact, stress is so bad for your menstrual health, that along with tampering the flow of your periods, it can also make your cramps more intense and unbearable. Stress also has the power to delay or stop your periods altogether.


So if you’re worried about your changed and unsettling menstrual cycle during these times, blame the pandemic and your lockdown induced anxiety.