The world hailed India as Chandigarh-based Harnaaz Sandhu brought back home the title of Miss Universe after 21 years. Sushmita Sen in 1994 and Lara Dutta in 2000 were the only two Indians to win the pageant before her. 

It is undeniable that the bigger the win, the greater the benefits. So let’s dig into the perks that Miss Universe winner avails.

As per the reports, the crown worn by Miss Universe Harnaaz is valued at Rs. 37 crores. Although people are curious about the cost of the crown, the diamond-studded unit, and prize money, the Miss Universe Organization never reveals the prize money granted to the crown-bearer, yet it is reported to be worth lakhs of rupees.

Apart from that, Miss Universe is permitted to live at the Miss Universe Apartments in New York for a year and must share it with Miss USA. Miss Universe Organisation provides her with all she needs during her stay, from groceries to clothing.


Miss Universe is also provided with a team of aides and skilled make-up artists to ensure that she always looks flawless. For a year, she is granted the cost of her cosmetics, hair products, shoes, clothing, jewellery, and skincare, among other things. 

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In addition to that, she is also given a team of the world’s finest photographers to build her portfolios. Miss Universe also has access to a professional stylist, a nutritionist, a dermatologist, and a dentist, among other luxuries.


The number of benefits don’t end here. Exclusive events, parties, premieres, screenings, and castings are all free for Miss Universe. Furthermore, the Miss Universe Organization provides her with travel privileges, complete cost of accommodation, and meals for a year.

Though you may be lured by the luxuries that Miss Universe enjoys, she also bears a great deal of responsibility. 

As the Chief Ambassador of the Miss Universe Organization, she is required to attend events, parties, charities, and press conferences.

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Talk about flamboyance!