You see your favourite actress getting pregnant, take a break and, come back on sets with unbelievably perfect body and spotless skin as if postpartum body change is a myth. 

Childbirth then looks easy until you read the honest stories of what it takes to feel good about your bodies after you’ve pushed the baby out of your body! 

We have found 22 real post-baby stories that are doing nothing but depicting honest truths about postpartum bodies that you need to see right now. 

1. The smile on the face said a lot. 

2. Motherhood is not ugly. 

3. The curve of purest connection. 

4. Most fierce mamma! 

5. A very wholesome picture we’ve seen since a while. 

6. A heart full of love. 

7. Mamma-baby meal time!

8. Real depiction of motherhood, indeed!

9. Painful but beautiful. 

10. Who said there’s no time for self-care when you become a mom?

11. A mom’s morning snuggle. 

12. New mothers recovering from a cesarean section need all the help they can get.

13. Beautiful and brave. That’s it. 

14. The postpartum self-love takes time but it’s absolutely worth it. 

15. New moms, yo don’t recognise your body anymore? Here’s a note for you. 

16. Motherhood in a nutshell. 

17. Imperfectly perfect. 

18. You are more than just a number on your scale. 

19. Female bodies are miraclous, truly. 

20. Note to self: You’re gorgeous and your body is amazing. 

21. Weight gain alone is not a definitive marker of anything during pregnancy. Period 

22. You are not in a rush to get your body back and it is normal. 

Whoever said childbirth is no big deal needs to sit in the corner.