For a lot of us, before we discover the meaning of independence, ambition, desire, or even hope, we discover love, all thanks to our parents. And yet, as other feelings and people start taking center stage in our life, we unintentionally ignore the very people who first taught us how to love and feel. 

That’s exactly what Shivangi recounts in her beautiful poem Maa Ka Phone Aaya, which she performed for Tape A Tale. 

Shivangi begins her piece by talking about the struggles of love in a practical world, where a Zomato Gold is just as important for the first date, as is finding mutual interests. 

While waiting for her date, her attention is diverted by the woman serving her and her daughter. This momentary distraction takes her down the memory lane of her own growing up years. And that prompts her to pay attention to her mother’s messages, which she was ignoring, in lieu of her ‘date’.

As she glances through the numerous messages she never responded to, she realizes how her mother’s love is not bound by anything – it’s unconditional even today. And finally, she decides to shower back the same love on a mother who never gave up on her. 

Beautiful and relatable, Shivangi’s poem is a simple reminder to never forget the people who taught us how to love. You can watch the complete piece here

Design credits: Lucky Mehendiratta