In the wake of the recent Burqini debate in France and the world, it is evident that we love to regulate a woman’s choice, that we love to get offended and no matter what she does or wears, we will always judge her. Venting out the same anger and frustration that women around the world are experiencing, is a New Delhi based researcher, Shruti Ambast. 

Shruti recently took to Facebook to pen a poem for all those who think it is okay to judge a woman based on her attire and her appearance. The poem, since then, has resonated with quite a few who feel it is high time, women were left to live freely.

The poem brilliantly sums up how a woman will always be shamed, no matter what she wears, and highlights the constant shame, she is subjected to, everyday of her life.

In a candid chat with ScoopWhoop, Shruti says,

“My poem was basically triggered by everything that’s happened in the last few days – Burqini ban in France, remarks of the Culture Minister, Pahlaj Nihalani’s decision to ban the image of a bra from a movie. It just seemed like a good time to point out the double standards we have regarding different genders and their rights over their bodies – whether it’s in religion or in culture.”

Her thought provoking poem places the whole debate in a larger context of an infuriating pattern where women are morally judged based on their appearance and their clothing. The myriad dressing standards that a woman is meant to meet, everyone is a jury on our clothes and our bodies. It is suffocating to say the least.

You can read her post here: 

Image Source: FabyAndCarlo