The crimes against women don’t seem to end anytime soon in our country and the situation seems even grimmer when you see the men who are supposed to protect us, turning into predators.

Today, a video has surfaced online which shows a policeman slyly feeling up a woman sitting next to him.

The video, apparently shot at a railway station, was filmed by an onlooker who had been observing the policeman’s lewd behaviour for more than an hour.

The policeman, holding his bag, acts ignorant while his hand wanders and touches the back of the woman.

Just when it gets too much to bear, the onlookers confront him and encourage the woman to oppose. 

As the onlookers make everyone aware of his act, the woman hits him once and other people also join to thrash him. But this cop, despite being caught on camera, brazenly threatens the crowd and leaves the spot. 

Here’s the video of the incident that will make your blood boil with anger.

Is there any limit to such disgusting acts?