Natalie Pasquarella, an anchor for News 4 New York television, was answering a question about Twitter’s new character limit on a live broadcast when her water broke. 

But the true professional only let out a nervous giggle and calmly finished the remaining broadcast.

Just a few days ago, Natalie had posted a photograph of her baby bump and captioned, “Just about a month to go!”

Who knew that the baby was going to announce its arrival on live TV!

There was an instant during the show when Natalie nervously laughed and that was the exact moment when her water broke.

But Natalie didn’t let it show at all and finished the broadcast like a committed professional. Just as the news bulletin ended, she told her colleagues about the same.

Immediately, the show’s executive producer, along with some other people, helped get her to a hospital where her husband was waiting.

Here’s the video of the live broadcast posted by Mirror:

Natalie then gave birth to her son Jamin James Pastore after 13 hours of labour.

She also posted a photo on Twitter and wrote: 

Well, the baby made news even before he came into the world!