It is common knowledge that most women generally refrain from doing extreme form of exercises while they’re pregnant. Most doctors also ask their pregnant patients to not exercise in the extremity because pregnancy can be a delicate phase for both the mother and the baby, and is to be dealt with absolute care and precaution.

But Chontel Duncan, a major fitness enthusiast and fitness model from Australia, is absolutely freaking us out with her fitness regime.

She is a crazy fitness freak, and a kickboxing enthusiast, and does not let anything come in between her love for it. Not even her pregnancy. Oh, by the way, she’s 8-months pregnant. Yes. EIGHT MONTHS! 

This is how she looked like a few months ago:

And 4 weeks ago, she looked like this. Notice the huge, amazing baby bump, and the kickass tiny ab muscles. So much wow!

Bump Update 🍼 32 weeks…. Only 8 weeks to go💪🏽 My friend Nat (who was 4 weeks ahead of me) gave birth early to a little boy Charlie 7lb 11oz. Mum and Bub are both happy, healthy & very much in love. My other girlfriend Tae (who was 9 weeks ahead of me) gave birth to a little boy Kyrie last week 8lb 10oz. They have settled in so well & are doing great. My other friend Jen (who was also 9 weeks ahead of me) gave birth to a little boy Lincoln last week 7lb 9oz. They too have settled in so well & are doing great. My other girlfriend Nik is due 1 week before me & is absolutely smashing her pregnancy like a pro. So after Nik that’s it for my pregnant friends whom were all in front of me… 😁 that means I’m next!!!!! Then my best friends Missy & Karlos will be due 8 weeks after me. I swear if you are my friend you will fall pregnant lol everyone around me is. I’m now reminded EVERYDAY that I am pregnant via symptoms lol it’s mainly the weight of my tummy, my pelvis being super weird & my top right rib/ab being kicked constantly 😩 this last home straight is going to be long. My baby shower is in 17 days ☺️ & I have my mum, cousin & a couple of girlfriends getting to work on organising this event. So I’m RIDICULOUSLY grateful to have them as I do not have the time myself. I sat down yesterday with a friend to discuss birth lol Skye is a mother of 3 and has so much to offer in not just support but incredible tips, advice & tools to making this experience a very enjoyable occasion for mum, dad & Bub. I walked away feeling so pumped, confident & ready to give all her helpful tips a really good go. ☺️ I’m still training 7 times a week on average, loving every session, feel energetic & just being super cautious on my back (having so much front weight now) & knees being that I am carrying more weight. I’m off to go buy Raspberry leaf tablets today & now started applying each night the organic nipple balm from my good friend Alice. Other then that I haven’t had any changes or changed anything in particular. Just very excited to meet my son & to give my husband a little fella that he can care for, love & protect as I know he will do so well. Click my link in my bio

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And this is her, 2 days ago. Still flaunting the abs and the baby bump with equal panache.

BUMP UPDATE 🍼 36 weeks… only 28 days to go 🙊 Boy do I feel pregnant, this tummy is massive, heavy, makes sitting up so difficult, rolling over in bed a funny task, trying my sneakers hard work & my back has its moments where it throbs. It’s exciting because these are all NEW signs & signs that mean Little D is almost here. I’m interested to know where my waters will break hahaha… (If they do) Imagine if they broke this weekend at the hens in the valley or next weekend at my challenge break up party in the city OR while training in front of my clients hehehe… would be hilarious!!!! As of next week I have been instructed to commence some useful techniques to help bring on labour; 1) have sex daily 🙉 most hilarious convo 2) stimulate my nipples every time I use the bathroom 🙊 3) increase my raspberry leaf tablets to 6 per day 💊 Predictions are that I’ll labour around 4hrs & push for 30mins… fingers crossed these predictions are correct, that just sounds like a dream come true!!! But we will just have to wait & see… Drugs… I plan to go gas if needed, defiantly no pethidine & epidural would be considered as an absolute last resort. I want to use the shower, exercise ball, stand as much as possible & play my music to help calm any nerves of needed. I’ve been doing collaborative care, which is private for all of my appointments & public for delivery, then private for all post natal appointments. The public system can (if I have a completely normal delivery) send me home within 6hrs of birth 😳 isn’t that crazy to think… I could labour for 4hrs, rest for 6hrs and be at home all within 10hrs of my first active labour contraction. Watched USA “one born every min”, made my husband & I get so excited. I’m defiantly going to ask to pull Little D out like Kortney Kardashian did lol & I hope to god I don’t scream hahaha… I’ve officially gained… TO CONTINUE READING CLICK MY LINK IN MY BIO TO MY FACEBOOK.📲

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Want to see her kick box? Here you go.

She’s absolutely gorgeous looking!

Move Nourish Believe #mnb

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We are in absolute awe!

Oh, and did we mention she does Muay Thai like a boss? 

Friday Muay Thai with Mikey 👌🏽@hiit_australia

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We’ve got major respect for this lady for doing what she loves! But note for all you people who are in awe: She’s a trained professional. So take inspiration from her and keep yourself fit but refrain from kickboxing while pregnant if you’re not as trained as she is.

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