While the nation-wide lockdown is supposed to ensure our safety, crimes against women in the form of domestic violence, molestation, and sexual abuse have seen a drastic increase.  

Fair observer

Considering the situation, Priya Malik re-initiated one of her powerful poems. In her set, she decided to change the entire narrative of the most common victim-blaming slur, ” I’m asking for it” and we cannot stop clicking our fingers. 

Priya Malik used her potent words to shed light on the root cause of the increasing crimes against women during times like these. She drew a connection to how disrespecting a woman is deeply engraved in the norms of patriarchy. 

And even though according to the patriarchal norms of society, our bodies aren’t owned by us and don’t really belong to us, we’re still expected to groom it and keep it safe from getting exploited. 

With an aim to break free from the shackles of misogyny and in order to reclaim her body, Priya Malik explained that a two-way dialogue will aid this situation more than a one-way monologue. From consent to desires and choices, she touched upon all the things that women actually want to normalise: 

Priya Malik used the common victim-shaming slur ‘I’m asking for it’, took charge and changed the narrative of this offensive comment. She used this slur to demand the basic right of choice over her own body. 

She ended her impactful poem by calling out the sickening, misogynist perspectives of the society when they choose to shame victims of violence and sexual harassment. 

Watch Priya Malik reciting her impactful poem here: 

We cannot stop clicking our fingers all the way, for she has a point that is here to stay.