When it comes to sanitary napkins, the world has witnessed a lot of bogus ads that either make periods seem like a walk in la-la land or are filled with stereotypes that are often, incorrect. 

But now, we’re finally witnessing a change in campaigns and advertisements that are coming through, especially ones that are breaking archaic stereotypes and removing the heavy taboos around menstruation. Let’s see which ads are doing this, shall we?

1. Raho urging fathers to be more open-minded and to understand their daughters’ needs as they grow up. 

2. In this advertisement by Niine the importance of men supporting the women in their lives is highlighted. Specifically though, the role of fathers knowing how to discuss menstruation with their daughters is shown here. 

3. This ad by Rio shows the world what periods are like without sugarcoating it in any way. As Radhika Apte describes the role of period flow, and we’re shown the colour red, and not blue for blood – the audiences are given an authentic description of menstruation. 

4. Then this commercial by Bodyshop is great because it encourages talking about periods, without associating shame with the process.

5. This Whisper commercial was applauded for not showing menstrual blood as some magical blue liquid, but for giving viewers a more realistic ad.


6. The same can be said for Eco Femme’s ad. Even though it is incredibly simple and minimalistic, they made it a point to show the real colour of blood. Also, they made the ad educational, showed viewers how to use it and even acknowledged that not all periods look the same.

7. Stayfree spoke to sex workers about their periods for their #ProjectFreePeriod campaign. It aimed at normalising their lives to the audience. 

8. The #imnotdown campaign by Sofy aimed at destigmatising menstruation and the words we use to hide that our period cycle has hit. Because if we’re saying ‘I am down,’ or ‘I am chumming,’ to say we’re on our period, then that means we’re ashamed to admit that our bodies are experiencing the process. 

9. Whisper’s #TouchThePickle campaign was rolled out to remove the taboos that have been passed down to us by our mothers or grandmothers. 

10. Always rolled out this fantastic ad where they show how society conditions people into thinking that women are in some way inferior, and therefore cannot perform at an equal capacity as men. 


The sort of commercials we really need.