Rani Rampal is a wonderful athlete, there is no doubt about it. But, there is so much to her that is admirable: her grit, determination, and opinions.

In one such that is being applauded, she talks about how parents should raise their daughters. In a tweet, she writes:

Apni beti ko itna kaabil banaein ki aapko yeh chinta na karni pade ki uske saath shaadi kaun karega. Uski shaadi ke din ke liye paise bachane ke bajaay, uski siiksha par kharch karein aur sabse mahatvapoorn baat, usse shaadi ke liye taiyaar karne ke bajaay, usse apne liye taiyaar karein. 

She says that instead of fussing over marriage, parents should focus on making sure that their daughter has the correct exposure and support to explore her dreams. 

Her message resonated for people and this is how they reacted to it.

Such an inspiration.