For the longest time, women have had to deal with a lot of crap. So naturally when they have had enough and decide to sass you to an early funeral, it’s something to watch. So we collected 25 of these clapbacks, comebacks, burns, however, you want to address them and ranked them on the basis of just how savage they were. 


Piers Morgan is a reprehensible moron of the highest order. And Rihanna told him as much. 


Oh, just Chrissy Trigen being herself!



Dr Gunter will also be prescribing some herbal remedies for that burn. 


Men offering to help with housework like they are doing a favour on everyone. 



I can’t believe he thought that was ever gonna work. Like, even if he got the number right…



Oh hey, self burns. Rejoice this, guys. These are rare. 



Wow! That was cold. 



How we as a gender managed to screw everyone’s life up for such a long time and still be this dumb will always be perplexing to me. 



Oh, the creep really walked into that one. 



Thank you for saying that. 



This was right after the English Men’s Cricket team lost to India in about 2 days. 


Filing under cured depression ASAP!



I couldn’t think of a better comeback if my life depended on it. 



Whatever editor assigned this dumb article needs to get his pay docked. And yes, it’s definitely a man. 


Policing what women wear is the oldest hobby men have. Even Adam was like, ‘Yo Eve, cover up with that leaf’. I mean, dude, your droopy b***s are showing. 


Comrade Kelly dropping truth bombs!



Anti-vaxxers don’t deserve a platform. Period. 



Oh wow! Jesus, that was dark. 


Why are capitalists? 



DAMN! That was so on point. 



Breaking News: He died a virgin that day. 



This is so high up here because it’s something that happened yesterday around me. Someone asked my footballer niece to explain the offside rule!



Pro-choice people be so dumb you gotta ask if their parents should have been pro-choice.



Aww, the little bum just got schooled about how badass women were in the 1900s. 


Definitely my favourite tweet of all time. This will go down in the annals of Twitter history. Simply said, you don’t preach science to a woman who writes books detailing the demise of our whole universe. She’s cut you. 


Some of these people will never recover. Lord, have mercy on their souls.