We’re always on the lookout for inspirational women who impact the people around them in the most positive way possible. And someone who is definitely doing that at the moment is Ravi Bala Sharma. A 63-year-old who uploads joyous videos of herself dancing to Bollywood songs. 

Ravi Bala Sharma began uploading her dance videos as a way to remember her late husband and reignite her passion for the craft. In an interview, she spoke about how her husband always wanted her to dance and when he passed away, her family encouraged her to go back to it and continue living her life to the fullest. 

Her latest upload is a dance video where she is grooving to the song Chaka Chak from Atrangi Re. It has received 176,171 likes so far and has left people absolutely awestruck.  

As she began uploading these videos more often, her content started becoming widely popular, and Ravi Bala Sharma became known as ‘Dancing Dadi,’ online. She’s participated in dancing competitions for Punjab Kesari Club and Dance Deewane, that airs on Colours.  

Dancing Dadi has really been breaking all kinds of stereotypes around age by teaching the rest of us that we can start following our passions at any given moment in life. She has caught the attention of celebrities such as Diljit Dosanjh and Imtiaz Ali, who have shared her dance videos and complimented her talent for everyone to see. 


What is interesting to know is that Sharma received vocal and tabla training from her father who was a music teacher and a tabla player himself. She also learnt Kathak when she was younger. The internet sensation used to participate in school programs and after she got married, while she was working as a school teacher, she stayed connected to the craft by teaching children dance for annual day functions!

We’re so glad she continued staying connected to dance, because look at the joy she’s spreading now!