Centuries of privilege can fog up a person’s brain and often make them think things that aren’t true. For instance, hundreds of gestures made by men that are really creepy, but the guys fail to realise the same. This Reddit thread throws light on some of them.

1. A lot of us have experienced physical stalking in life and you can’t “casually” ask where a woman lives.

2. Oh, what exactly would you have done?

3. Again, these might trigger women because a lot of us associate these things with assault. A strict no.

4. Don’t cross the boundaries. How tough is that to understand?

5. Seriously – Don’t. Cross. The. Boundaries.

6. A no is a no. Can’t believe we still need to state this in 2021.

7. You may be willing to talk about sex the moment you meet someone, but do they want the same?

8. That’s offensive because we don’t know each other. Please don’t go overboard with the compliments.

9. Keep your hands, and body away.

10. Just so many instances of people not understanding where to stop.

11. Don’t brag about doing the bare minimum.

12. It’s none of your business why a woman is not married. Leave her alone.

13. Queer people don’t need to ‘prove’ their queerness for your visual pleasure or otherwise.

14. Just because I am single doesn’t mean you’re entitled to date me.

15. Where do they get the guts from?

How much do you weigh? No, you can’t ask that.