It’s the wedding season! and Indian weddings are so much fun. But, hey, also stay away from those aunties who are worried about your marriage. 

From sangeet, Haldi, Mehendi, and more there are so many events to attend and you need an outfit for each one.

Not to mention, but Indian weddings are super expensive for women. Including a perfect outfit, you need matching jewellery, different make-up looks and so much more to take care of. 

Thanks to this Reddit thread, we got some tips for you. So you don’t end up emptying your pocket for every outfit. 

1. “I am not sure where you stay but some places have to rent lehengas which are really good lehengas (top and mid-tier brands) and they have a wide range of collections. Also, you could borrow some pieces from your friends if you are close to them? Or mix and match some good ethnic pieces.”

Answer Source – Reddit

The crimson bride

2. It is all about styling. I have seen a lot of people who make average outfits look like designer outfits. Practice your makeup and hair. 

These 2 elements can completely change your look. Invest in good-quality artificial jewellery as they are easily re-usable. Choose simple sarees or lehengas and go for heavier jewellery. 

The material quality is cheaper and the color will be slightly different from the original. But, on top, it will be good if you style it well. And, I do agree with you. Being a woman is expensive. From clothes, hair, makeup, shoes, bags, perfumes, skincare, sanitary napkins, too much to buy.

Answer Source – Reddit

3. “I’m getting married in Feb and bridal outfits are expensive AF. I definitely need to find ways to repurpose them after I get married cause I’m not just going to buy them only to wear them once.”

Answer Source – Reddit

4. “So true!! I think I felt this for the first time when my best friend’s sister got married a few months back and I had to buy the outfits with my own money.”

Answer Source – Reddit

5. “You can buy a good quality heavy dupatta like phulkari or bandhani which will go with simple suits and kurtas. Cheaper than a completely new outfit and elevates the look by a lot.”

Answer Source – Reddit

6. “I’d suggest raiding your Mom’s closet for sarees. Buy some heavy but good-quality jewellery and keep switching. IMO, cheaper fabrics stand out more than less adorned.”

Answer Source – Reddit

7. You can shop off-season. Most of the dresses cost much cheaper during that time. But this is only possible if you have prior knowledge about the wedding.

8. Switch dresses with your cousins. Yes, you can do that. Use your styling skills, switch jewellary, try new look, mix & match a little, and it’s done. 

9. You can shop at local markets. Not every dress needs to be heavy, there are many local markets that have simple yet beautiful dresses you can go for. Places like Surat are famous for their good material and designs. 

The crimson bride

10. Check if you have some old dresses. You can wear them for small functions at home. And honestly, what better way to utilize them.

We hope the tips help!