Ngl, desi teenagers think they have to hide their partners under the label of ‘just friends’ until they complete their parents-sanctioned pheras. What comes next is the series of PDAs restricted to parks, OYO rooms and an ageless phrase ‘I can’t let my parents know’! 

However this dad sharing his story of how he reacted after knowing that his 17-year-old daughter just had sex shatters all stereotypes.

This man, father of four was worried since he couldn’t find his teenage daughter at home. He went looking for her in the backyard’s treehouse where she usually spent her ‘me time.’

I get halfway up the stairs and see her and her boyfriend going at it. I walked back down but yelled up to them. It got awkwardly silent and then I heard a lot of movement- I assume they were putting their clothes back on. 

Instead of staring at them wide-eyed akin to a daily soap vamp, he acted rationally and asked if they had safe sex using protection. On a side note, he also appreciated the boyfriend’s hairstyle. 

I also know that teenagers will have sex regardless of how you feel about it, so it’s better to make sure they are safe rather in the forest somewhere with no protection.

Redditors didn’t hesitate to give a round of applause to this man who didn’t lose his calm when most of the others do. 

Need more parents to share such stories so that kids can have the chain ki saans they deserve.