The struggles for us women seem to be never-ending. Be it shaving our bodies or planning our vacations according to our periods, there are a million inconvenient things that we go through that no man can even begin to imagine.

I asked women around me to disclose the inconveniences they face and trust me, the answers are so damn relatable.

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1. “The lack of pockets! I don’t care if I’m wearing a lehenga or a skirt, I need to keep MY things in MY damn pockets.” -Aarushi Sharma

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2. “I think every woman would agree – getting a bikini wax, only to feel like a hundred needles are poking you down there for the next five days. It’s a struggle no one, apart from women, would understand.” -Simran Sachdeva

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3. “Being a tall woman, it’s not being able to fit in a hotel bathtub or bed properly. I always have to let my feet dangle. Ugh, it annoys the hell out of me.” -Gunjan J Aggarwal

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4. “To be fully aware, even when I’m drunk. Unlike men, we cannot let ourselves loose and have a blast because we need to get out of the place, take a cab ride and face our parents.” -Ishita Singhal

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5. “The sudden horror you feel in your chest when you are a few days late for your periods. Nothing can beat that ‘inconvenience’. -Aakanksha Shukla

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6. “When I rub my eyes and after an hour, I realize that I was wearing eyeliner/kajal. Now I have panda eyes.” -Riddhima Kapoor

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7. “No one cares about men getting pimples or dark circles, but as soon as a woman gets them, people will start pointing it out as if we have committed a crime.” -Sweety Sharma

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8. “Fixing my bra every time I step out of the door to take a delivery package.” -Shruti Sahni

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9. “Convincing my parents to go on a solo trip or for a nightout because they will always come back with ‘akeli ladki ek khuli tijori ki tarah hoti hai’ logic.” -Nidhi Jain

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10. “Life runs on a biological cycle. Can’t go on periods because it’d be uncomfortable. Can’t go a week before periods because of bloating, PMS, and who knows if they show up early, can’t go a week after periods because sometimes they stretch more than a week, or they can be late. So there’s a sweet one-week window that’s the only time I won’t be stressing about periods and be healthy, and yes, trip tab ban sakti hai.” -Vasudha Sabharwal

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We feel you, girls. We truly do!