A friend of mine has a policy of renting clothes for special occasions. I have never quite understood it, but she seems to love it. A couple of weeks back, a common friend got engaged. True to her nature, she rented this lovely blue lehenga for the event.

The clothes she rented were always quite nice. I had secretly considered trying it out myself, but it wasn’t until I saw this gorgeous lehenga that I was fully convinced. It made perfect sense. You get a lovely outfit without spending a bomb or having to create space in your closet. For the first time, I struck up a conversation with my friend about renting clothes. I was curious. How often did she do it? How were the clothes? Were they clean? The two hour long conversation convinced me to take up the challenge of renting clothes for an entire week. My friend recommended Flyrobe.

Renting wasn’t so bad, after all. They had a lovely collection. I picked the outfits while nestled in my quilt at the end of an exhausting day. The thought that these outfits had been worn by so many people made me cringe, but the outfits arrived neatly packaged, and just like that, the hygiene freak within me was silenced.

My lovely office dress

I like wearing dresses at work. Basic blacks and greys get boring, so I got this lovely mint green dress. It made me feel fashionable and professional at the same time.

Date night

I gave two surprises to my husband this last week. One, that I suggested we go out for a nice romantic dinner instead of hanging out in bed in pyjamas all week. And two, I wore this lovely yellow dress. He crooned Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’ to me all evening, and then… well, let’s just say that it was quite a mushy date.

Playing hostess

I don’t know if it was the yellow dress, but a couple of nights later, my husband decided that we should invite the parents for dinner. For that evening, I decided to wear this classy and elegant blue dress. I finally understood why my mother-in-law always insists on dressing well when playing hostess.

And then, my family’s weekly Sunday brunch happened

I usually just go to my family brunches wearing a pair of jeans and a basic tank top. But this time, I wore this bright jumpsuit. I think it took my parents a few seconds to fully accept that it was me, but they were thrilled! They have always wanted me to dress up a little bit more. Of course, I let them believe that I had finally started taking their suggestions and had invested in a more “lady-like” wardrobe. 

My little black dress

Every girl has at least one little black dress in her wardrobe. I have a few. But sometimes, I want something that is black, but different from the ones I have. I have not wanted to add one more LBD to my collection. So, I rented this one for girls’ night. Classic, with a twist. 108 likes and counting. 

My off-shoulder experiment

I have always wanted an off-shoulder outfit, but I’ve never been sure if I can pull it off. So, when I saw this jumpsuit, I simply HAD to rent it. Not only is it a style I have been considering including in my wardrobe, it is also my favourite colours. I loved wearing it. I was told I looked stunning. 

A week of wearing rented clothes made me realise two things. One, renting is not unhygienic at all. The clothes are well-maintained and as good as new. And two, that it is better to rent than buy gorgeous outfits for those special occasions not only because it is cheaper, but also because this way, you will never repeat an outfit. EVER.