If you’re a woman, there is always some thing about your lifestyle and choices, and hell even existence, that society will have a say in. You could be doing the best of work and juggling multiple things, but there will always be people who expect more – as if, women do not already have to prove themselves time and again. And there will always be an order, because our lives are planned for us.

One of these orders has a very specific ask – ‘the good news’. Like, getting pregnant can be the only good thing that can happen to us. As if the only reaction to pregnancy can be happiness. People also skip on the fact that it’s a private matter, concerning our personal lives and bodies. While these are things that we expect people to understand, we’ll still always have someone asking us about it. 

Here are a few replies that work in this situation:

1. Good news is like equal pay/equal rights – abhi tak mili hi nahi.

2. I was going to wait till the next month to tell people, but I’m doing very well at the job front and I’m up for a promotion. 

3. Ab good news hai, demonetization thodi ki ek din mein life change ho jaaye.


4. Good news, you mean ache din? yeh toh moh maya hai.

5. Trust me, you’ll not be the first person to know.

6. I really wish that you had a life, so you didn’t need to interfere in mine.

7. It won’t happen any sooner, just because you keep asking about it.

8. I am also waiting for the good news, but pandemic khatam hi nahi hota.

9. It’s just food. I specifically loved the pizza.

10. I’m sure there are other important things in your own life that you could be thinking about.

If they still don’t take the hint. Run!