Remember the day when you spotted that first grey hair on your head? And it suddenly hit you that you’re not going to stay this youthful always. Well, ageing is just as much a part of life as breathing, but we haven’t really been conditioned to embrace it with joy, so we end up getting scared with the mere thought of a wrinkled face.

But when does our body actually reflect the effect of ageing? Seems like one research has the answer! 

According to researchers, women look their oldest at 3:30 PM on every Wednesday!

The research was conducted by a tanning brand, St Tropez, where one in every ten women revealed that they find Wednesday to be the most stressful day. Two third of the women admitted to experiencing a ‘slump in energy level’ in the middle of the week. The stress of going back to work also contributes to the sleepless Monday nights for 37 per cent of women, which too adds to the mid-week slump.

Normally, it’s on Wednesday, that the energy levels plummet, work related stress is at its peak and the effects of any weekend late nights finally kick in.

However, come Thursday and women are all glowing again. The survey goes on to say that 60 percent women believe Friday to be the happiest day of the week.

*Immediately rushes to the mirror*